Coated denim is your basic denim jeans

America’s favorite classic denim has gotten a new look. Coated denim wears like a denim legging but gives shine like leather pants. Read on to see how you can wear this new classic everyday!
Coated denim is your basic denim jeans, typically in black, that are coated with pigment to give it a wax like finish. The pigment is typically painted or machine-applied and has no impact to the skin during wear. Just like regular denim, coated denim is made to wear and fade in places after worn often. Though it will take a number of washes to get rid of the coated finish.

Coated denim offers the appearance of leather pants — with the comfort of denim. While leather pants may not be in your everyday wardrobe, with coated denim you can get the leather look affordably (and animal-free!).

Wear coated denim jeans with an oversized sweater during the day and a bright silk top at night. Coated denim will soon be your new wardrobe staple!

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