Gridlock Denim Introduction

Launched in 2009, Gridlock Denim was founded based upon the idea that wearing denim should be a transformative experience, reflecting the wearer’s desire for living a cultured and fast-paced lifestyle. Gridlock offers a collection of denim and interchangeable pockets made from carefully chosen fabrics that are used to create intricate, alluring, and innovative designs to transform the wearer into the creator of his or her own unique look. Those who wear Gridlock Denim exude self-confidence, an edge, and know exactly who they are, and where they’re going. As each collection is launched, Gridlock amasses support from those who are masters of creating their own personal style, such as Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, AnnaLynne McCord, David Beckham, Eva Longoria, Samantha Ronson, Nicole Scherzinger, and Courtney Cox. Not afraid to take risks or stand out, a wearer of Gridlock takes their jeans and turns them into an expression of how they see themselves in the world they live in. Catering to both Men and Women, each set of pockets, two of which come with each pair of jeans, are woven and crafted with materials such as leather, suede, and pyramid studs to fit any occasion, and any mood. Gridlock has the advantage of using fine fabrics because the design of the jean allows for pockets to be zipped on and off, giving the wearer freedom and control of how they wear their denim. Pockets can be matched or paired together, or the jeans can simply be worn as themselves, allowing for the creation of multiple interesting and novel designs, all in one sitting. The denim that Gridlock uses to create each collection is from the best mills in Turkey and facilities in Los Angeles. Each pair of jeans is stitched with the ultimate care, ensuring that each body is accommodated with a perfect fit; aligning to all curves and subtleties of all shapes and sizes in walking, standing, or sitting position. One of a kind and original in design, Gridlock Denim reflects the designer’s passion for using denim to create vintage and iconic looks for the wearer that has a vision and a voice. Gridlock Denim is distributed internationally in Australia, London, New Zealand, Korea, and Japan. The brand retails in the U.S., including New York and Los Angeles, as well as with several online retailers, and is continuing to expand worldwide. Gridlock Locks It In With A New Design for Pockets: Music lovers and die-hard fans will be falling for Gridlock’s collector’s line of interchangeable pockets with designs of your favorite album covers. Coming January 2012. Gridlock Denim: Lock Yourself In.

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