The Boyfriend Jean

The Style and Beauty Doctor reader Sophia recently asked “You know the boyfriend jean look that is in now….well I have thick thighs..where should I go to get those jeans..they look so comfortable and chic!”

Sophia, you’re in luck because the Boyfriend Jean trend comes in styles for almost every body! The Boyfriend Jean refers to either a more relaxed fit pair of jeans or a pair of distressed jeans of any other denim style. For fuller thighs, grab a pair that are darker in wash and wider in the leg. The wider leg will balance out your figure while the darker rinse helps to slim you down. You will want to steer clear of the skinny leg Boyfriend Jean look because the narrow leg will only emphasize the size of your thighs. I recommend pairing these jeans with some serious heels because:

1. The contrast of the ruggedness of the jeans and the sophistication of the heels is HOT!

2. If you cuff your boyfriend jeans, the cuff makes a horizontal line where they end. Remember that horizontal lines make objects appear wider and shorter. So cuffed jeans will make you appear shorter and wider. You’ll need the heels to add length to the leg. If you must do a flat, do a gladiator sandal or any sandal with lots of straps that show as much skin on the foot as possible which also has leg-lengthening qualities.

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The science of nig-gaw rigging your jeans

It’s no secret, i’m short. i say it all the time. you can READ into half of my gripes about women ONLY liking 6′ + guys that i’m not a member of the 6ft+ club. honestly it’s not something im uncomfortable with. i’m in my 30′s…obviously i’ve realized there will be no more growth spurts in my future. but one thing i HATE the most about being short, is hemming pants. not so much slacks & suit pants, because lets face it that’s how they come. but i HATE the length of most jeans. okay back in the day rolling them up was cool. having the little crease at the bottom after you flipped them over a time a two…was a style. but once we ventured out of the 90′s and into adulthood rolling them up stopped being an option.

so then i started invested in jeans at the appropriate length for me. i’d order them tailored with the correct inseam. but that became tiring & too much work and pigeonholed me to a particular style and brand. so i decided to just grim and bear it. yes, i could go to a tailor to have them hem my jeans, but i feel that shit is a waste of time. it’s just jeans. so i used to start rolling them under, but eventually they will fall out and drag across the ground. so one day i thought to myself…

why don’t i cut these bitches? i had noticed that many short dudes before me had thought of cutting their jeans as well. i always noticed it, but never thought to do the same thing myself. but hey…that’s kinda smart. it goes along with the whole, “damaged”, “torn”, “worn” look. not to mention it will save me a trip to the little lady who always says, “these pants too long, why don’t you buy them your size” (and yanno i’m trying to avoid sounding racist so i won’t tell you what race she is..but it makes it EXTRA annoying)*seesmic raccoon eye roll* bitch if they sold them my size, why would i have chose to come to you? so being a diy’er (do it yourself-er) i decided to try it out. i cut them, ironed them, and walked out into the world. only to realize a few hours later i had cut them too short and i was doing my best michael jackson impression all over the place. so after that mishap, i decided to cut the jeans while i still had them on. great idea right? riiiiiiiight? bending and cutting does one thing, and one thing only. it guarantees one leg will be longer than the other. not so, i know..i know.

so how did i fix the problem. i decided to wear the jeans out a few time at the distorted length. and the parts that were scuffed, dusty from scrubbing the ground i just started cutting those parts off. yes. it’s ghetto. yes there is no science to it. but the shit works. so there you have it, ladies & gents. i taught you absolutely nothing. except how to laugh at someone being a dumbass. and how to appreciate your height matching the size of your pants, so you don’t have to go through the drama of nig-gaw rigging your jeans like me.

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Here are some more jeans styles

Here are some more jeans styles! Some of them are really similar one to another, instead some of them are very particular! Maybe some are more trendy nowadays.. but for one thing we can be always sure: jeans are never gonna be out of fashion, whatever is its style!!!

Boyfriend Jeans
They are the style that everyone is wanting getting their hands on… They look best when worn with casually with sandals or for an edgier look whack on some heels.

Flare Jeans
The most flattering flares will sit very firmly around the waist and bottom and the very top of the thigh and then widen quite dramatically to the floor. The leg opening should be anywhere between 22” and 30”. If you have the height, flares can be worn with flats but they look best with chunky wedges or heels. Hems should always just clear the ground.

Wide Leg Jeans
The Wide Leg is a slightly more relaxed and perhaps sophisticated sister to the flare. It should be fitted through the waist, slim over the hips and then wide to the floor. Like the flare, hems should just clear the floor.

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Tips and Tricks for Rocking Wide Leg Jeans

If you’re hip to trends (and since you’re a CF reader, we’re sure you are), you know that wide leg jeans and flare jeans are making their triumphant comeback this year. I know, I know — we just got the hang of skinny jeans! To be honest, I could not be more excited to see this trend rise in popularity. They’re a cute retro throwback, can easily be dressed up, and are so flattering on every body type.

Wide leg trouser jeans are pretty simple to style — you’ve just got to get your head out of the “skinny jean” mentality! Once you get a feel for these babies, I promise, you’ll love them. Then make sure to take a couple snapshots and send them to us to help other girls in the CF community break out of their skinny rut as well!

Ready to take on the challenge? Read on for styling tips and tricks on how to wear wide leg trouser jeans!

Tips and Tricks for Rocking Wide Leg Jeans

Short ladies, fear not! As seen in the photo above, petite girls like Rachel Bilson look great in wide leg jeans. The key? Look for low-rise cuts and pair the jeans with heels to elongate your legs.
Tall girls can also make wide leg jeans work, as evidenced by Katie Holmes in the photo above. Wear them with ballet flats and a t-shirt for a laid back look, or try out a high-waisted pair if you dare.
Wide leg jeans always look great with a cropped jacket and feminine top.
A dark wash pair of wide leg jeans can easily be dressed up with a blouse and heels for a smart casual look perfect for a date or when you just feel like looking sharp.
What distinguishes trouser jeans from boyfriend jeans is that trousers are well-tailored and fitted in the backside. When shopping for a pair, make sure that they hug your curves and fit your butt perfectly.
Adding a belt is an easy way to make a simple t-shirt-and-trouser-jeans combo look pulled-together.
If you have the cash, buy two pairs, and have one pair tailored to wear with flats and keep one pair long to wear with heels. While boot cut and skinny jeans can usually work with heels and flats, with wide-leg jeans, you’ll want to be sure to keep the hems from fraying.

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Diesel Jeans Introduction

A great collection of diesel jeans is provided for you to choose. You will find choose the diesel jeans easily here. Design to be great, discounts to be big, choose the one for you here with big surprise. Buying diesel jeans from online UK store will never let you down. Diesel jeans UK store is to give you the best ever.

Diesel jeans are famous around the world for their fashionable design with details such as ruffled trims and extraneous zippers. The latest Diesel jeans designs have an infinite range of styles available that are fresh and full of colour, designed just for you and your life. Browse through our wide range of these fashionable

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Greening Up the Blue Dye in Jeans

Efforts are underway to develop a more environmentally friendly process for dyeing denim with indigo, the storied “king of dyes,” used to the tune of 50,000 tons annually to color cotton blue jeans and hundreds of other products. That effort is the topic of an article in the current edition of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN). C&EN is the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society.

In the article, C&EN Assistant Managing Editor Michael McCoy notes that concerns about the environmental effects of indigo represent a modern concern about an ancient product. Indigo produces a rainbow of hues, ranging from deep navy to pale pastels. For centuries, the primary source of indigo was branches of a bush native to India. In 1878, German chemist and Nobel laureate Adolf von Baeyer made the first synthetic indigo, but the process was too expensive. It took chemical manufacturer BASF years to find a practical process for making the dye, and that happened only because of a lucky accident in which a lab worker broke a mercury thermometer, and the mercury catalyzed a reaction to make the dye.

The story describes how a partnership between the dye manufacturer DyStar and Swiss startup RedElec Technologie may be the beginning of a new revolution in indigo dyeing that will improve its environmental profile. To get indigo dye to attach to denim and other fabrics requires chemical reactions before and after the dye impregnates the cotton fibers. Even with modern improvements to the technique, the process produces large amounts of waste. The article highlights a new approach designed to achieve a long-standing goal of eliminating the need for sodium hydrosulfite in the dyeing process. Doing so would green up the indigo dyeing process and stop a water pollution problem at its source.

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Sustainable Denim Jeans Manufacturing

Like sausage, making denim jeans isn’t pretty. Some estimates suggest that producing one pair of jeans requires more than 2,500 gallons of water, nearly a pound of chemicals and vast amounts of energy. Multiply that by 2 billion — the number of jeans produced worldwide every year — and you get a snapshot of an industry that contributes a hefty share of wastewater and greenhouse gases to the environment.
The process, called Advanced Denim, can produce a pair of jeans using up to 92 percent less water and up to 30 percent less energy than conventional denim manufacturing methods, according to Miguel Sanchez, a textile engineer at Clariant, a specialty chemical company based in Muttenz (near Basel), Switzerland, that developed Advanced Denim. In addition, it generates up to 87 percent less cotton waste (which is often burned, adding carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere) and virtually no wastewater.
Unlike conventional denim production methods, which require up to 15 dyeing vats and an array of potentially harmful chemicals, Advanced Denim uses just one vat and a new generation of eco-advanced, concentrated, liquid sulfur dyes that require only a single, sugar-based reducing agent. All other production steps are eliminated, according to Sanchez.
If just 25 percent of the world’s denim jeans were dyed with this technology, Sanchez said, it would save enough water to cover the needs of 1.7 million people every year. That’s equivalent to about 2.5 billion gallons of water every year. It also would forestall the release of 8.3 million cubic meters of wastewater, save up to 220 million kilowatt hours of electricity and eliminate the release of a corresponding amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere annually.
“Advanced Denim wants to go beyond the technologies that are today considered standard for obtaining denim material,” Sanchez said. “We offer new possibilities for enlarging the number of tones and effects currently achievable, make production more simple and efficient, and all this with the minimal use of resources.”

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Your classic everyday spring jean

Your classic everyday spring jean has arrived- this rich indigo denim wash has slight fading through the thigh and traditional denim contrast stitching. Your everyday, casual chic jean for the this season.

Our skinny fit jean is incredibly Versatile – wear with flats, heels, or tucked into boots. Lean fits are not just for the skinny girl. Tapers in from the knee down. Skinny leg opening.

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Calvin Klein Jeans CK

Calvin Klein is known for a lot of things but jeans are their hallmark. Calvin Klein Jeans are recognized the world over for their clean fashion lines utilizing the best in denim fabrics from traditional double stonewash to the latest sandblast finishes. And Denim Express is committed to bringing the best of the CK jeans fashions to you.

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