Significant thin Slim small flared high quality jeans

Think legs slender enough, trouser legs gradually wide trumpet high quality jeans, relax the hem of the design, having an elongated leg length effect. Let the upper and lower body ratio feel more uniform, more slender.

Matching techniques:
1 wedge shoes, shoes with thick soles heels shoes. If the figure is high it can also choose canvas flat shoes.
2 tops to important personality of the narrow version of the most suitable length coat.
Shape shapely large flared high quality jeans

A narrow top and a wide bottom bellbottom high quality jeans, pants of the upper section can complete coating of the hips, thighs, began to relax, helps to create the perfect symmetry of the figure.

Matching techniques:
1 loose coat with belt, high-heeled shoes.
2 stress curve of lingerie tops.
To create the perfect legs curve narrow leg high quality jeans

A narrow leg pants will be tightly covered with your legs, pants from the hip gradually narrowed tapering to the ankle, shaped like the letter V, using the narrow width of the visual effects to highlight the slender legs, so that a perfect legs curve more troops.With skills: super wide edition coat becomes more narrow pants visual effects, make legs look more delicate.

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