Straight Jeans or Skinny Jeans

If you’re a conservative person or your style is simple, straight jeans are the best bet for you. It does not cost you much. These jeans are very versatile. In fact, you can wear straight cut jeans with basically any tops out there. The beauty of the jeans is the look never goes old and simply hard to go wrong. The downside is that this style is not considered fashion forward. We recommend adding bootcut to your straight jeans wardrobe to add some element of fashion even if you’re into the simplistic look.
If you’re fashion forward or trying to stay with the latest fashion trend, then look into Skinny Jeans. If you have the physique, skinny jeans will bring a lot of positive glances. The bad news is that skinny jeans are difficult to pull off depending on your body type. The good news is that skinny jeans doesn’t have to be extreme, i.e. stick to your skin tightly like glue. The key is for you to pick the right size for this type of jeans. Try out as many jeans as possible. Slim fit jeans are a good compromise if you don’t want to go all the way with skinny jeans.

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