TEXWOOD Apple Jeans Since 1970

Designed specially for ladies,the ULTAR SLM and the 3Dlastic collection were first introduced in 2003 and 2007 respectively by texwood.With cutting edge tailoring and revolutionary developed stretchy fabrics,the two collection are a sign of femininity making ladies look slimmer and sexyInnovation and creatively are the cornerstones of texwood apple jeans.The brand has devoted a significant investment to develop functional jeans and was the pioneer to introduce Cool jeans in 2001 and to launch Warm jeans in 2002.The brand has taken the industry by storm by employing forefront technologically developed fabric in jeans which redefined the quality of jeans.

2010 texwood apple “3Dlastic Warm” series,using apple brand’s unique Warmtex textile technology,and its warm pants feature higher 20%.warm and comfortable and natural,with the unique aspect Super Stretch fabric,arbitrary vertical and horizontal stretching,free,soft paste,such as intangible,a number of features rolled into one.With decades of development,texwood apple jeans has a highly recognizable brand image and has tailored a pool of fits for people of different body shape and age.Jeans of the brand are specially designed for Asian as like tailor-made ones.

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